Welcome to the Oregon City Men’s Club


President – Roger Waterman
Vice President – Wayne Colwell
Handicap Chairman – Jim Norton
Tournament Director – Mike Westlake
Secretary/Treasurer – Rocky Sagers
OGA Director – Greg Froman

2024 Tournament Schedule


  1. All Saturday tournaments in 2024 will be prepaid, and tee times will be available one-half hour before your tee time. If you do not show up for your tee time your entry fee and green fee will be forfeited.
  2. On regular Saturday play all participants should call during the week, and must arrive and be checked in 30 minutes prior to the first tee time.
  3. During tournament play, scores must be kept by opposing player or team whenever possible. During regular Saturday play and any four-man team tournament the team captain (lowest handicap team member) will keep score.
  4. Tournament entry fees are $20.00 and must be paid in advance. Regular weekday and Saturday play will have a $5.00 entry fee. On Wednesdays there is also an optionable $1.00 fee for winner take all drawing (pity pot drawing).
  5. Most MEN’S CLUB events will be played from the championship tees (black tees) and those approved by the handicap chairman can play from the red tees, your age and handicap must add up to 100 or more (Play it Forward Seniors). There are just two tournaments that this does not apply to, the RED, WHITE, and BLUE TOURNAMENT and the THREE CLUB TOURNAMENT.
  6. Only OREGON CITY MEN’S CLUB members with a current USGA handicap may play in MEN’S CLUB TOURNAMENTS, except for INVITATIONAL tournaments (The Memorial & Turkey Shoot) where members can invite a guest.
  7. ON ALL TOURNAMENTS PLAYERS MUST PUT OUT EVERY HOLE. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  8. Winter Rules are allowed only when posted at the Starter’s Shed by the Course Superintendent (John Herberger). See separate Preferred Lies (Winter Rules).
  9. Members must participate in at least five (5) Men’s Club events to be eligible to play in the MEN’S CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT.
    10. The Men’s Club Rules Committee will make the final interpretation of any rules, arbitrate any dispute relating to all facets of the rules or format. Committee members are, Mike Strohm, Greg Froman, Jim Norton, Roger Waterman, and Mike Westlake.


Seniors age 80 and over may play any Men’s Club event from the forward tees (RED). Also, anyone who’s age plus their handicap equals 100 or more may elect to play from the forward tees. By going off the RED tees your handicap may be lowered if you have been using the WHITE or BLACK tees.
Players wishing to elect this option must notify the Handicap Chairman (Jim Norton), prior to starting a round of golf and allow him time to calculate a new handicap for the RED tees if you qualify.
Players who qualify after the first tournament due to age plus handicap changes will need to obtain approval of the Handicap Chairman.
Any qualified player that does not wish to take this option can continue to play from the Black tees.
This change has been adopted to make the game more enjoyable for our older players Everyone should be able to reach the par 3’s in one, and some of the long par 3 holes from the Black tees are extremely difficult for our older players. So, in interest of fair play, we have adopted this change.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any officer of the club.
If you decide, at any time, that you do not want to continue to play from the forward tees, inform the Handicap Chairman. You may have to wait until the next week for the handicap change to take place because of handicap posting restrictions.
We should encourage all of our eligible members to use this option. It will make the game much more enjoyable for them and everyone, it also speeds up the game of play.


No tournaments held due to COVID-19 Pandemic.