League golf play offers an opportunity for employees to meet, make new friends interact and share a little down time together having fun playing golf.

Some of the benefits of setting up a League include:

  • It is inclusive-it can include workers from every rung of the corporate ladder, male and female, varying ability levels, small and large groups, and includes fun, laughter and shared angst. (Good shots and bad shots)
  • It takes place out of doors-close to nature-What could be better than to get outside and enjoy scenic locations, beautiful landscaping, and added health benefits.
  • The golf course is a great place to generate creativity and problem-solving ideas free from the stressful environment of the office.
  • Employees that participate have a chance to get to know their co-workers better in a less stressful and fun environment that can make daily work more rewarding and enjoyable.

Setting up a weekly league is easy. All you need is a group of 8 or more people wanting a weekly tee time for 9 or 18 holes. 

Call Rose Holden at 503-518-2846 for more information on league play.